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System Details

This MT4 Expert Advisor (EA) is designed for Trend-Following trading strategies. The EA will trade ANY time frame or currency pair that your broker offers in MT4 (MetaTrader4), including gold, silver, CFDs and cryptos.

This EA includes the Roulette Trader Money Management System built-in but it can also be disabled and traded in Fixed-Lot mode via a True/False setting. It also includes many other customizable settings, which you can optimize for the typical price range and volatility of your desired currency pair and time frame. This EA is FIFO friendly and does not hedge so it is compatible with US brokers.

Signal Logic

The signal logic is based on price action within Moving Average Envelopes. I have used Moving Average Envelopes in most of my trading strategies for the past 15+ years because it is a very simple & flexible way to trade trends or consolidation, depending on your settings.  While moving averages might be lagging indicators, the signal strategy is not and the signal direction can change on a dime despite the direction that the primary moving average is pointing, which is used as a center point of reference to generate the signal envelopes. In an uptrend, price usually stays in or above the upper signal envelope (the Buy envelope). In a down-trend, price usually stays in or below the lower signal envelope (the Sell envelope).

In the settings, you can set the Min/Max distance of the signal envelopes from the primary Moving Average of your choice (the MA3 setting). There are 5 types of moving averages to choose from, including the highly desired Hull Moving Average (HMA), which is included free with the EA. Depending on your MA1 and MA2 settings, the EA will signal when a candle closes inside one of these signal envelopes.

For example, if your Moving Average Envelope is 24-44 pips above HMA 70 (as shown in the screenshot below), then it will generate a signal when a candle closes inside this 20-pip range above or below HMA 70.

The EA also includes 2 different price action EXIT options that will close trades on profitable price spikes. It can close trades X pips distance outside the signal envelopes (called MA3 Exits in the settings) and it can also close trades on BIG profitable candles (you decide the size of the candle). You can see some of these exit strategies closing trades in the screenshot below...

In the settings used above, the EA BUYS on the first red candle that close in the upper envelope and SELLS on the first green candle to close in the lower envelope with the setting "CloseOppositeOrder=True"  to allow reversal signals without hedging.

GBP/USD Trend-Following Signals

GBP/USD Trend-Following Signals
Cumulative Wins Money Management, 6-Unit Cycle Target
200 pip Stop Loss, 100 pip Profit Target

The following backtest is on the GBP/USD 1-Hour chart using the Cumulative Wins Money Management System with a 6 unit cycle target. This backtest does not include compounding of profits between cycles. To compound your profits between cycles, you should increase the unit/lot sizes after each 6 unit cycle is completed (a win at 6 units). The largest cycle draw-down in this backtest was $187. I recommend allocating at least $400 capital for each 0.01 unit size, which would average +36.7% per 6 unit cycle target based $149 average profit per cycle using 0.01 unit size.  Scale this model up according to your starting balance. For example, with a $800 starting balance, you could use 0.02 unit size for an average of $298 profit per 6 unit cycle. This preset file (3b.) is included with the EA and is located in the GBPUSD 1-Hour presets folder.

GBP/USD 1-Hour Chart, Preset 3b.

GBP/USD 1-Hour Trend-Following Signals
Consecutive Wins Money Management, 10 unit Cycle Target!

The backtest below is using the same GBP/USD 1-Hr signals as the example above but with the Consecutive Wins Money Management strategy with a 10 unit cycle target. This means the EA will continue to increase lots following qualified wins (50+ pips) until it has a qualified loss 60 pips or greater, as per the settings. You may compound your profits following each profitable cycle by increasing the unit/lot sizes in the settings. In this backtest, the largest cycle draw-down was $86. This preset (1F) is included with the EA and I recommend allocating at least $300 per 0.01 unit size.

GBP/USD 1-Hour Chart (Preset 1F).

EUR/CHF Trend-Following Signals

EUR/CHF 1-Hour Trend-Following Signals
Cumulative Wins Money Management, 5 unit Stay At Max

The backtest below is a trend-following HEDGING strategy on the EUR/CHF 1-Hour chart. It often holds overlapping Long and Short positions open simultaneously so your broker must allow hedging in order to use this preset. It is using Cumulative Wins Money Management with a 5 unit Stay At Max target. This means the EA will increase lots following each qualified win (15 pips or greater) up until 5 units (0.05 lots in the backtest below) and will stay at 5 units until a qualified loss occurs (-15 pips or greater). It will decrease lots by 2 units following each qualified loss. This preset (1a in the EUR/CHF Presets folder) is included with the EA and I recommend allocating at least $250 per 0.01 unit size. The preset file is based on GMT+3 chart time and only excludes the midnight candle in the trading hours to avoid the large rollover spread. Adjust your settings accordingly for other chart time zones.

EUR/CHF 1-Hour Chart (Preset 1a).

The green line in the backtest above is the actual equity (open & closed trades) at the time each trade closes. The blue line represents the equity based on realized profits (closed trades).

GBP/JPY Trend-Following Signals

GBP/JPY 1-Hour Trend-Following Signals
Cumulative Wins Money Management, 11 unit Cycle Target!

The backtest below is a trend-following strategy on the GBP/JPY 1-Hour chart using the Cumulative Wins Money Management strategy with an 11 unit cycle target. This means the EA will continue to increase lots following wins until it has a win at 1 units (0.11 lots in the backtest below). You may compound your profits following each profitable cycle by increasing the unit/lot sizes in the settings. This preset (4c in the GBP/JPY 1-Hr presets folder) is included with the EA and I recommend allocating at least $450 per 0.01 unit size.

GBP/JPY 1-Hour Chart (Preset 4c).

Robot Settings

Robot Money Management Settings

MINIMUM PIPPETS Settings Explained (10 Pippets = 1 pip)

Minimum_Pippets_for_a_Win: This setting requires that the minimum sized win be at least this large to qualify for a lot increase on the next trade when Use_Negative_Progression=False.

Minimum_Pippets_for_a_Loss: This setting requires that minimum size of a loss be at least this large in order to qualify for a lot decrease on the next trade when Use_Consecutive_Method=False and Use_Negative_Progression=False.

The lot sizing system is reversed when Use_Negative_Progression = True, meaning it will increase lots following qualified LOSSES and decrease lots following qualified WINS, according to the Minimum Pippets settings.


Most of the presets included with this EA use a 23-hour trading window between 00:15 and 23:45 AM Jerusalem Time (GMT+3), which excludes trading on the midnight rollover candle. This is because spreads widen up to 20 pips at this time. If the time zone of your MT4 PRICE FEED is NOT on GMT+3 time zone, you will need to adjust the StartHour and EndHour settings in the EA properties. The preset files included for the GMT+3 time zone. PLEASE NOTE: The time on your charts has no relation to your local time. Your charts will reflect the time of your broker's price feed server providing the data. To check the time of your charts, place the cross hair tool over a current 1 minute bar and the time will appear at the bottom of the cross hair. GMT+3 (Jerusalem) is the time zone most commonly used by brokers for their price servers. Do not change the minute settings. Trading hours are in military time (0-23 hours). The default settings of the EA are in bold font...

Start Time: 00:15  (Set to 22:15 for GMT (London) chart time zone.
End Hour: 23:45  (Set to 21:45 for GMT (London) chart time zone.

The EA includes preset files for GMT+3 time zone (Jerusalem time). If your current chart time does not match this and you're not sure what StartTime and EndTime settings to use, please contact me so we can figure it out. You may use the World Clock to calculate the difference in time zones at:

UTC/GMT time is located below all the city times on the World Clock (link above).

Chart Time

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