Expert Advisor Installation Instructions
for the MetaTrader4 Trading Platform!

These instructions are for a PC running Windows
using Mozilla Firefox as the browser.

1. Log into the Roulette Trader website and go to “My Account” or just CLICK HERE. You must be logged in for the robot download links to appear.
1. Members Area

2. On the left side of the My Account page, you will see download links to any products that you have purchased, along with any freebies. Click the link to begin downloading the zipped files.

3. To see the name of the zip file, click the download arrow in the top right of the Mozilla browser. Google Chrome will give you SAVE options at the bottom of the window.

Right Click over the file name and choose "Open Containing Folder". It will open the Downloads folder.

OTHER WEB BROWSERS: Regardless of which browser you are using, your files will always be downloaded to your "Downloads" folder by default. See step 4...

4. By default, all browsers will download & save the zip file to your “Downloads” folder. If you followed the step above for Mozilla, it should have opened the Downloads folder for you. If not, open Windows Explorer to locate your Downloads folder under "This PC" when using Windows OS.

5. Downloads folder

5. In the search field of the Downloads folder, type in the currency pair of each EA and it will display the zip file.

download search

6. Before you extract any files, create a Roulette Trader folder on your desktop (or some place that you won't forget). You will need to extract the zip files to this folder.

7. Now Cut & Paste the zip file into your Roulette Trader folder that you just created. If cut/paste doesn't work, just click & drag the EA Zip file into the Roulette Trader folder.

Save to RT Folder

8. Then open the Roulette Trader folder. RIGHT CLICK on the Zip file and choose "Extract Here" to unzip the files into this folder.


It will look like this after you unzip it.

unzipped folder

9. Now open your MetaTrader4 trading platform. (Your FOREX broker will provide this software platform for free, even if you only have a FREE demo practice account). Click File then Open Data Folder.

9. Data Folder

10. It will open the following Data Folder within the MetaTrader software:

10. Data Folder open

11. Open the MQL4 folder and keep this folder open.

11. MQL

12. PRESET Files Installation:

The V2 EA Preset files are included in your "V2_Include_Scripts_Presets" download file, as shown in the previous step. However, you may also download the V2 Preset files separately by Clicking Here. The Preset files for V3 - v6 EAs are included in each EA's individual download file.

The 3 Presets folders in the download are for the 3 most common price server time zones (New York, London, Jerusalem), though yours may be none of these. You'll need to know your chart's city time zone so you know which Preset files to save to your MT4 Presets folder. Check the time of a current 1 minute candle on your charts (NOT your computer's local time), then find YOUR Chart's city time at:

16. Preset tmes

TIP: There are many preset files covering all robots in these files. To reduce unnecessary clutter, only copy the preset files for the EAs you purchased and intend to use. You can always add the others later. 

Open the Presets folder matching your chart's time zone and copy the Preset files to your MT4 Presets folder.

Preset Files

Your Preset files are now installed.

NOTE: Currently, there are only 4 EAs that use a trading window (StartHour and EndHour). These are the GBP/JPY 15-Min Trend-Following, GBP/JPY Momentum, GBP/CHF and CAD/JPY EAs. For all other EAs, the time zones of the preset files are irrelevant.

13. Open the Experts folder of your Roulette Trader Expert Advisor folder. Then copy and paste these files into the Experts folder of your MetaTrader platform. (Click MQL4 to display the Experts folder of your MT4). v3 EAs and higher will only include the EX4 Files.

14. Likewise, open the Templates folder and copy the Templates file to the Templates folder in MT4. Notice that the Templates folder is located at the same level as the MQL4 folder in MT4.


15. (Optional) Some EAs also include a History folder, containing .hst price data files. These files contain several years of data. In this example, we are importing GBP/JPY 15-Min data, which dates back to Dec 1, 2014. If you need more data for backtesting, replace your GBPJPY15.hst file with this one. Save it to the price server folder that you are currently using and overwrite your current GBPJPY15.hst file with this one. Once replaced, restart MT4 for it to appear in your charts. This step completely optional.


16. Now CLOSE your MetaTrader platform and re-open it so all the new files are recognized by the software.

Your Expert Advisor Installation is Complete


Follow these steps to install more than one instance of MT4 onto a PC or VPS, and DON'T SKIP ANYTHING!
The easiest way to get MT4 onto your VPS is to download the MT4 installation zip file onto your home computer. Then copy and paste the MT4 zip file onto the desktop of your VPS.
Double click it to start the first installation on your VPS. It will create a "MetaTrader" folder under the folder Program Files (x86). Close MT4 when it opens automatically and delete the 2 desktop icons it creates. Open the MetaTrader folder in Windows Explorer under c:\This PC\Local Disk\Program Files (x86) and change the name of the MetaTrader folder to something like OANDA-1 (or the name of your broker).
Then open the OANDA-1 folder, right-click over the Application file and choose "Create Shortcut".
Then Rename your new shortcut "OANDA-1" or "MT4-1"...
Double Click your newly renamed shortcut to open MT4 then copy and paste that shortcut onto your VPS Desktop. You can now open this MT4 from that shortcut on your VPS desktop.
Since you changed the MetaTrader directory name, you can now install another instance of MT4 without over-writing the previous installation. Repeat the steps above for each additional instance of MT4 but give each installation a unique name like OANDA-2, OANDA-3, etc.
To install the EAs, create a Roulette Trader folder on your VPS desktop. Then copy the EA files on your home computer and paste them into the Roulette Trader folder on your VPS. From there, you can copy the EA files into each separate installation of MT4. Open the Data Folder in each MT4 and you can paste the files in the appropriate folders of each one like an assembly line. In the MT4 Navigator that displays the Experts folder on the left side of MT4, right-click over "Experts" and choose "Refresh" so your newly installed EA files will appear.
After installation and EA setup is complete, close each MT4 and reopen them from your new desktop icons. This will save your current settings and make sure MT4 recognizes all of the new files.
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