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Robot Details

This EA is for traders who are willing to take some extra risk in exchange for consistent profits, which means winning nearly every series of trades, which work together to generate a profit via the 3-D Money Management (stacking + multi-position sizing + lot sizing).

This robot trades A LOT, averaging 72 trades per month when using Preset 1 shown in the backtest report below. It is almost always in a trade, usually multiple trades (as you can see in the screenshot below) so if you like a lot of trade action, this is the EA for you!

The overall signal strategy of this EA is Counter-Trend, meaning it will layer on additional positions against the trend but can also open positions in the direction of the trend to create a hedge. Entry signals are determined by the size of the candle body and you can specify the minimum & maximum space allowed between each entry signal in the EA settings. For example, you can specify that Buy Signal #2 must occur between 10-50 pips below Buy Entry #1 and you can specify this setting independently for up to 10 entries in each direction. Here's a screenshot of some recent live trades on a chart showing 9 profitable trade combinations netting +30 pips each (+270 pips in 3 weeks over the 2020 holidays)...

New 3-D Money Management

Negative Progression Lot Sizing
+ Negative Progression Multi-Position Sizing
+ Position Stacking (up to 10 Entry Points in Each Direction)

This new "V9" EA incorporates a 3rd dimension of money management into the pre-existing 2-dimensional Roulette TRADER strategies that you may already be familiar with. In addition to stacking positions at different entry points and adjusting lot sizes, it can ALSO adjust the number of positions opened at each entry point, giving more weight to the latest entries and drawing the floating profit target closer to the current market price. This makes it much easier to exit trades with a net profit. As a side benefit, all trades are closed with a market order so your actual profit target remains hidden from your broker. 3-D Money Management is explained in more detail further below. The benefits of this 3-D Money Management can be seen in the steady equity curve below...

37 Month Equity Curve (Preset 1a, 0.01 Unit Size)

NOTE: The equity curve above does NOT include monthly compounding of profits.  To compound your profits monthly, simply increase your lot sizes each month. You can easily do this by loading a preset file (included) that uses larger lot sizes. However... due to the high risk nature of Negative Progression trading strategies (high risk for consistent reward) you should consider withdrawing your profits monthly. This EA is not designed to make you rich. Instead, it is designed to generate a steady income up to 50% per month.

LOT SIZING Settings (Preset 1a):
$1000+ balance is recommended per 0.01 unit size for a 12% monthly average and to sustain the occasional large draw-downs. Or allocate $200 per 0.01 unit size for a 50% monthly average and withdraw your profits monthly. See my Strategy for Aggressive Trading on Small Accounts below. When increasing lot sizes for larger accounts, keep all settings below relative. Follow the instructions in the notes next to each setting. You may also load a Preset file included with the EA.

Minimum_Lot: 0.01 (Minimum $200 or $1000 balance per 0.01. See my Strategy for Aggressive Trading on Small Accounts below)
UnitSize_Up: 0.01 (Set equal to your Minimum Lot setting above)
UnitSize_Dn: 0.09 (Set to 9x your Minimum Lot setting)
Maximum_Lot: 0.10 (Set to 10x your Minimum Lot setting)
Stay_At_Max_Lots: False


Enter whole numbers in the settings below EXCEPT for the Unit_Size setting. There is no need to change these settings for different account balances. Use the Lot Sizing settings above to adjust for larger balances. Follow the instructions in the notes next to each setting. You may also load a Preset file included with the EA.

Unit_Size: 0.01 (This setting is only used when the Lot Sizing settings (above) are disabled)
Minimum_Positions: 1
(Keep this setting at 1 regardless of your balance)
Increase_Positions_By: 1 (Set equal to your Minimum_Positions setting above)
Decrease_Positions_By: 9 (Set to 9x your Minimum_Positions setting)
Maximum_Positions: 10 (Set to 10x your Minimum Positions setting)
Stay_At_Max_Positions: True


While this EA and strategy shown above may occasionally experience large draw-downs that exceed $200 per 0.01 unit size, it is not common and you can make many times your balance before that occurs when trading aggressively. One way to trade this EA is to use a small balance, trade aggressively, and withdraw your profits monthly so that if/when a large draw-down occurs, you can't lose the profits you've already withdrawn. Your balance essentially becomes your stop-loss and the profits you've withdrawn are locked in.

For example, the 3-year average monthly profit using the preset files included is $112 per 0.01 unit size. To simplify, let's round that down to $100/month. That's a 50% monthly average return on a $200 balance so it only takes 2 months to double your account when allocating $200 per 0.01 unit size. Therefore, after 2 months of withdrawing profits, you are essentially trading risk-free (using house money) with your original $200 sitting safely in your bank. Every withdrawal thereafter is pure profit with zero risk to your starting principal. If you lose the $200 in your trading account, you can use the previous 2 months of profit to re-fund your account and start again. You can scale this model up as large as you want by allocating $200+ per 0.01 unit size. If your max leverage is less than 200:1, you should allocate $250+ per 0.01 unit size. This is because your broker will close out your trades at a margin call, which usually leaves some unused funds remaining in your account (depending on your max leverage and margin requirements) so use a $200+ allocation per 0.01 unit  at 200:1 max leverage or greater and $250+ allocation per 0.01 unit at 100:1 max leverage to prevent premature margin calls. To be clear, your Unit Size is the Minimum_Lot and UnitSize_Up settings in the "Lot Sizing" section of the EA properties. Do not attempt this strategy with less than 100:1 max leverage and trade responsibly. If you follow this strategy, be sure to stick to the strategy and withdraw your profits often.


Trading Hours (GMT+2 March - Nov, GMT+3 Nov - March):
Start Time: 00:45
End Time: 23:45

The Trading Hours settings are to prevent the robot from trading at the "End of Day" rollover time when the spreads are typically much larger. Adjust the Start Time and End Time time settings according to the time zone of your broker's price feed so the EA does not trade from 1 hour before to 1 hour after the "End of Day" rollover time. The settings above exclude the 00:00 candle opening time. Contact Don if you need help determining these settings.

Explained in More Detail...

This new V9 EA includes, what I call, 3-D Money Management. In addition to stacking positions at different prices and applying the standard Roulette TRADER Lot Sizing strategies taught in Roulette TRADER book, this EA ALSO includes Multi-Position abilities.

This allows the EA to increase or decrease the number of positions opened at each entry point AND adjust the lot sizes of those multiple new positions. Both types of money management can follow their own strategy independent of the other. This means it can use Positive Progression lot sizing while also using Negative Progression Position Sizing, or the other way around, or they can both follow the same strategy - one using lots and one using positions.

Opening multiple positions at better entry prices makes it easier to achieve a profitable outcome since your profit target follows your average entry price. Usually, some positions will close at a loss while others close at a profit with the largest wins in pips also being the largest lot sizes in the series. This is what causes the occasional jumps in the equity curve.

Here's an example of Negative Progression Lot Sizing combined with Negative Progression Position Sizing, as used by the backtest shown above on this webpage. The result is higher risk but with very consistent profits...

Positions: 0.01 > Lose
Positions: 0.02 + 0.02 > Lose
Positions: 0.03 + 0.03 + 0.03 > Lose
Positions: 0.04 + 0.04 + 0.04 + 0.04 > Lose
Positions: 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 > Win (5 Unit Cycle Target Reached on BOTH MM Strategies. Back to 1 unit each)
Positions: 0.01 > Win (Stay at 1 unit each)
Positions: 0.01 > Win (Stay at 1 unit each)
Positions: 0.01 > Lose (Increase to 2 units each)
Positions: 0.02 + 0.02 > Lose (Increase to 3 units each)
Positions: 0.03 + 0.03 + 0.03 > Win (Drop back to 1 unit each)
Positions: 0.01 > Win

Each money management strategy can reference the P/L of the last CLOSED trade OR the current P/L of the last opened floating trade that is still open. You decide in the settings. The EA also allows you to determine how large or small a win or loss must be in order to qualify for a change in lot size or number of positions on the next trade. If a win or loss is not large enough in pips (according to your settings), it will resume the same lot size or position size on the next trade.

In the backtest shown above, it is using double Negative Progression (as demonstrated above) and referencing the floating P/L of the last opened trade. These are the default settings and you will be provided with preset files for different sized accounts.

Money Management Settings...

  • A. The Roulette Trader Money Management system in this EA can manage lot sizes AND number of positions for Buys and Sells separately (see "A" in screenshot below) so each can follow their own money management cycle independently.

  • B. Since the EA can have multiple open positions, you can also choose to have the EA reference the P/L of the last opened "Floating" trade to determine the next lot size AND number of positions instead of referencing the last "closed" trade. You decide with a True/False switch (B) in each section of the settings shown below.

  • C. Negative Progression: Change the Money Management to Negative Progression with a True/False switch. Negative Progression increases lots or positions following losses and decreases lots or positions following wins.

  • E. Enable the "Stay At Max" strategy with a True/False switch. If True, the lot size (or number of positions) will Stay at the Max setting on a winning streak when using Positive Progression (Negative Progression disabled), or it will Stay at the Max setting during a losing streak when the Negative Progression setting is enabled.

Lot Sizing Settings

Multi-Position Settings

  • F & G. Minimum Pippets for a Win/Loss: The next trade's lot size (or number of positions) will not change unless the previous trade's win or loss is at least this large and also must not exceed the "Maximum Pippets" settings. 10 pippets = 1 pip.

  • It is OK to restart MT4 without interrupting the money management: This EA calculates the next lot size at the opening of each trade by referencing the result of the last relevant trade in the history even if it occurred during a previous MT4 session. Therefore, you may restart MT4 as often as you want as long as you don't detach the EA from the chart during a money management cycle. Detaching and re-attaching the EA to your chart will re-initialize the EA and start a new money management cycle at the Minimum Lot setting.


This EA includes multiple types of exit strategies. Most are not used in the default EUR/CHF strategy (backtest shown on this page above) but you may enable them to test different types of exits. The following exit strategies are included in this EA and you may customize them in the EA properties...

  1. Hard Stop-Loss and Profit Target
  2. Step Trailing Stop: Adjusts the stop-loss in steps every X pips into profit
  3. Break Even Trailing Stop: Adjusts the stop-loss one time at X pips profit
  4. Big Move Exits using MA4: Closes trades when MA1 is X pips distance from MA4 (not shown in settings below).
  5. Floating P/L Exits:  Combines the Profit and Loss (in pips) of all open floating positions. With a True/False setting, you can make it count the P/L of Buys and Sells separately or combined. Closes trades with a market order, which keeps your real targets hidden from your broker.
  6. Consecutive Bar Exits: Closes trades after X consecutive profitable bars (candles) or X consecutive losing bars that meet the minimum pip requirement.
  7. Timed Exits: Closes trades after any specified number of bars. This allows the EA to be used for Binary Options.

Renko Bar Exit Strategies

Multi-Entry STACKER EA

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