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Money Back Guarantee

60-Day Performance Guarantee: If you purchase a license for this EUR/CHF robot as a stand-alone purchase (not part of a multi-robot package), I will refund 100% of your purchase price if this robot is not profitable by at least 50 pips within 60 days of your purchase based on the trading models shown on this page.

You do not need to be trading this robot on your own account to qualify. Just contact me with your request and a quick look at the robot's 60-day performance on my live account will confirm if you qualify or not. However, please be aware that your robot will be permanently disabled if you receive a refund.

Strategy Details

This EUR/CHF 2-Entry Consolidation Robot is optimized for the 1-Hour candlestick chart. It is designed to do well during periods of consolidation or choppiness, which is very common for the EUR/CHF currency pair. The primary entry signal is the same as my original V2 EUR/CHF 1-Entry Consolidation Robot, which has been very successful in live trading since I released it in Dec 2016 and has had 100% wins since Oct 2018, so why mess with success? That signal strategy is included in this EA, along with 3 others. As a result, it generates nearly twice as many trades as my original EUR/CHF EA, while maintaining a high win rate of 81%.

LOGIC: This robot trades against large quick moves that almost always correct back to the starting point on EUR/CHF so it is based on very short-term price action. It averages only 3-4 trades per month (trading only during periods of high volatility) but with a very high win rate of 81%, partly due to it's 2nd chance trade entries that open when the 1st trade goes 41-60 pips negative. The combined Floating profit target is 52 pips so both trades automatically close simultaneously when their combined sum reaches +52 pips. Here's 2 examples where this 2-trade combo occurred. 

Cumulative Wins Money Management
with a 16 Unit Cycle Target

This robot comes with multiple preset files for applying different money management strategies but the settings used in the backtest uses the Cumulative Wins Money Management strategy with a 16 unit cycle target and can be started with as little as a $250-300 beginning balance. It increases the lot size by 1 unit following wins and decreases the lot size by 4 units following losses. Therefore, lot sizes drop very rapidly following losses to help protect your principal and any accumulated profits made up to that point in the cycle. Notice in the 2nd cycle below how the lot sizes drop back to 1 unit at trade #54 while still being in profit for that cycle, which started at trade #31.

In this model (preset file 16a), each 16 unit cycle target averages about 282% when allocating US$250 balance per 0.01 unit size. Despite the max peak-to-valley draw-down of $423 in the backtest, the max "CYCLE" draw-down was only $102, which is the actual risk to your principal in the past 5 years with this model (read my ebook to learn about Money Management Cycles). The average 16 unit money management cycle lasts 9.6 months, which means you only need to make a lot adjustment to compound your profits once every 9-10 months, on average. In the meantime, the EA will be auto-compounding your profit up to your 16 unit cycle target. At that time, you may increase your lot settings based on your new balance to scale the model up for the next 16 unit cycle. For example, if your balance is $1000+ at the end of your first 16 unit cycle, your new Minimum Lot and Unit Size would be 0.04 lots with a 0.64 Maximum Lot (a 16 unit cycle target). Your balance at the end of your 2nd cycle should be around $3800 if you stick to the system. The report below stays at 0.01 unit size throughout the entire 59 month backtest so it does not show compounding of profits between cycles.

Settings from Preset File "16a".

Recommended Money Management Settings for accounts as small as $250:
The equity curve above does NOT include cycle-to-cycle compounding of profits.  To average 282% profit per 16 unit cycle, you must compound your profits each time a 16 unit cycle target is hit (once every 9-10 months) using 0.01 lot unit size per $250 balance.

Minimum Lot: 0.01 (Minimum $250 per 0.01 Lot)
Unit Size Up: 0.01 (Set equal to your Minimum Lot setting above)
Unit Size Dn: 0.04 (Set to 4x your Unit Size Up setting)
Maximum Lot: 0.16 (Set to 16x your Unit Size Up setting)
Stay At Max Lots: False

NOTE: The money management settings of 0.01 Unit Size per $250 balance are my MAXIMUM recommended leverage. The maximum "cycle" draw-down (potential dips into your investment capital) in this model was $102 (or 40.8% of $250) since Feb 2015. If this is beyond your risk threshold, simply allocate more than $250 per 0.01 unit size. For example, the same $102 cycle draw-down on a $500 balance is only 20.4% so allocate the appropriate risk capital according to your own risk tolerance. The recommended $250 investment per 0.01 unit size is designed to keep typical "cycle" draw-downs below 50% based on the previous 5-years of data but it's always possible to have larger draw-downs in the future. Adjust your lot sizes down if your draw-down threshold is ever reached.

Trading Hours (GMT+2 March - Nov, GMT+3 Nov - March):
Start Time: 0:15
End Time: 23:45

These time settings are to prevent the robot from trading at "End of Day" rollover time when the spreads are typically much larger. However, the Max Spread setting in the EA properties will automatically skip trades when the spread is larger than your maximum allowed setting.

Cumulative Wins Money Management
5 Unit "Stay At Max Lot" Strategy

This model of the robot (preset file 5a) uses the Cumulative Wins Money Management strategy with a 5 Unit "Stay At Max" target (read my ebook to learn my "Stay At Max" strategy). It increases the lot size by 1 unit following each win and subtracts 4 units following each loss greater than 100 pips. On a winning streak, the lot size will stay at 5 units (the Max Lot setting) until a loss occurs. Since winning streaks can last a very long time, these 5 unit trades can really add up without progressing to really large lot sizes that might exceed your broker's maximum allowed leverage. This is a good strategy to use at US and UK brokers who have 50:1 and 30:1 max leverage.

This model can be started with as little as a $175 beginning balance. In this model, each profitable cycle averages about 195% when allocating $175 margin per 0.01 unit size. Adjust your money management settings up or down according to your own allocated balance and risk tolerance. In this model, the average profitable cycle lasts 8 months, although the 7th cycle is still going strong. 

Money Management Cycles: To achieve an average of 195% ROI per cycle, you must compound your profits between money management cycles. (Read my ebook to learn my Money Management System). To compound your profits, increase your lots sizes after each cycle based on your new balance. With this model, a cycle ends after any loss greater than 100 pips, which causes the lot size to drop back to 1 unit to lock in your accumulated profits and start a new cycle. This is your signal to compound profits, assuming you have enough profit to justify the lot increase (minimum $175 profit). I have marked the end of each cycle in the backtest above. While the maximum peak-to-valley draw-down was $187, the maximum "CYCLE" draw-down was only $76 because you measure from the loss that ends the highest previous cycle to the lowest point in the following cycles. This is the potential loss to your next cycle's starting capital, while the loss that ends your cycle is usually some profit that you gave back.

Money Management Settings for accounts as small as $175:

Minimum Lot: 0.01 (Minimum $175 allocated capital per 0.01 lot)
Unit Size Up: 0.01 (Set equal to your Minimum Lot setting above)
Unit Size Dn: 0.04 (Set to 4x your Unit Size Up setting)
Maximum Lot: 0.05 (Set to 5x your Unit Size Up setting)
Stay At Max Lots: True

NOTE: $175 is the absolute MINIMUM investment allocation I recommend per 0.01 Minimum Lot and Unit Size and is designed to keep typical cycle draw-downs below 50% based on the previous 59 months of historical data. However, it is always possible to have larger draw-downs in the future. Therefore, I recommend decreasing your leverage (allocating more than $175 per 0.01 unit size) after you have reached a comfortable return per cycle to help protect your accumulated profits.

Trading Hours (GMT+2 March - Nov / GMT+3 Nov - March):
Start Time: 0:15
End Time: 23:45

These time settings are to prevent the robot from trading at "End of Day" rollover time when the spreads are typically much larger. However, the Max Spread setting in the EA properties will automatically skip trades when the spread is larger than your maximum allowed setting.

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Special Features

This EA includes many new features not included in the original "V2" EAs. Here's a few...

  • Can open and manage up to 4 positions in each direction, although this particular strategy performs best when you limit it to 2 positions in each direction.

  • A non-hedging version is included for US brokers, which averages just 2-4 fewer trades per year so the overall difference in performance is insignificant.

  • Hidden Floating P/L Targets: This awesome new feature will close trades when the combined open positions reach X pips net Profit or Loss and can also separate the floating pips P/L between Buys and Sells with a True/False switch. These Stop Losses and Profit Targets are hidden from your broker since they are calculated in real time and the trades are closed with a market order at the moment the P/L is reached and it can be used in combination with a hard stop loss and profit target.

  • The Roulette Trader Money Management system can now manage lot sizes for Buys and Sells separately (A) so each can follow their own money management cycle. Since the EA can have multiple open positions, you can also choose to have the EA reference the P/L of the last opened "Floating" trade to determine the next lot size instead of the last "closed" trade. You decide with a True/False switch (B).

  • Negative Progression: Change the Money Management to Negative Progression with a True/False switch (C). Negative Progression increases lots following losses and decreases lots following wins.

  • Change Money Management strategy from Consecutive Wins to Cumulative Wins with a True/False switch (D).

  • Enable the "Stay At Max" strategy with a True/False switch (E). If True, the lot size will Stay at the Max lot setting on a winning streak when using Positive Progression, or Stay at Max Lots during a losing streak when using Negative Progression.

Money Management Settings
Text Display

  • Minimum Pippets for a Win/Loss (F/G): The next trade's lot size will not change unless the previous trade's win or loss is at least this large and also must not exceed the "Maximum Pippets" settings. 10 pippets = 1 pip.

  • Text Display (H): For easy reference, you can display the Money Management settings on the chart with a True/False switch. You may also choose your own text colors.

  • OK to restart MT4 without interrupting the money management: This EA calculates the next lot size at the opening of each trade by referencing the result of the last relevant trade in the history even if it occurred during a previous MT4 session. Therefore, you may restart MT4 as often as you want as long as you don't detach the EA from the chart during a money management cycle. Detaching and re-attaching the EA to your chart will re-initialize the EA and start a new money management cycle at the Minimum Lot setting.

As you can imagine, these new features give you incredible flexibility and control over the EA's money management strategy, which opens the door to many new possibilities.

2-Entry Consolidation Robot

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