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Recent eBook Testimonials from

"You don't need a crystal ball to be a highly profitable trader!"

My wife and I
New Years Eve in Brazil

Dear friend,

My name is Don Guy and if you have any interest in trading any financial market (or even gambling), then I have something very exciting and powerful to share with you!

It all started at a roulette table in Las Vegas 17 years ago. I'll tell you the whole story and teach you my entire system in my ebook, but the most important thing for you to understand right now is that you don't need a crystal ball to be a highly profitable trader!

And you certainly don't need to risk a lot to make a lot either! You just need a great money management system! And I'm not talking about the industry norm of risking 2% per trade. That will get you nowhere fast!

We all know the power of compounding your profits, but you've never seen it used like this before! In my 16 years of FOREX trading and searching for the next “Holy Grail” system, I've never seen anything as powerful as what I'm about to teach you and it has nothing to do with predicting the next market move.

In fact, I'll show you how to trade in opposite directions simultaneously and still make a great profit by applying a simple position-sizing system that minimizes losses on the losing side and super-compounds profits on the winning side!

And not only that, I've AUTOMATED the entire system into a family of MT4 FOREX Trading Robots that will put your income on 100% auto-pilot!

How does 18% every 21 days sound? Or how about 74% every 54 days or 116% every 3.4 months? That's what 3 of my GBP/JPY robots are averaging! You can download these robots and others in the Member's area but FIRST you need to learn the system. It's actually very simple but you should understand it before using the trading robots.

However, you don't need my trading robots to use this system. It can be applied manually to any discretionary trading system for FOREX, Binary Options, Stocks, Commodities, and YES, even casino games.

FYI... these equity curves do NOT include cycle-to-cycle compounding.

 GBP/JPY Breakout Robot equity curve thru Nov 6, 2017
GBPJPY 1-Hr Breakout Robot
Past performance is not indicative of future results.
GBP/JPY 15-Min Robot equity curve thru Aug 26th, 2017
Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Recent Robot Testimonials

Hi Don,
Awesome six months, I love the bots!
Thank you

Ruskin F. (Sept 7, 2017)

Hi Don,
Just to let you know that all is fine with the GBPJPY robots so far... what a great run it has been in the past 2 months. I am very happy with this. thanks for the hard work.

Miguel V.  (June 29, 2017)

MT4 Roulette EA Trades from LM

Hi Don,

Just wanted to thank you for the 2,234 pips that I managed to bag since I connected your GBPJPY robots from Sept 9. I wanted to convey my gratitude now, before Sep 23.

Warm regards,

LM (Sept 20, 2017)

Hi Don,

Awesome first 2 weeks! Over 1100 pips!!
See attached screenshot...

Thank you so much!

Juan O. (Sept 15, 2017)

PS - The EUR/USD trade was a manual trade I opened by accident.

Juans Account 9-15-17

Want More Proof?

Ok, I know what you're thinking... "This sounds too good to be true, blah blah blah..." I understand your doubts but I just don't know how else to tell you the truth so that's why I will show you some LIVE ACCOUNTS. Below is a recent screenshot of my GBP/JPY 15-Min Trend-Following Robot performance, which is also featured in the video below. You'll receive a link to this live account (and others) when you submit your email anywhere on this page.

GBP/JPY 15-Min Trend Robot LIVE ACCOUNT as of September 25th, 2017
GBPJPY 15-Min Live Performance

More Robot Testimonials...

Hi Don,

I really dislike bots but did it of advice from another trader. I must say I liked the philosophy behind what you do and made the plunge. I've actually only used it a few days but it's been excellent! I tend to move my SL's manually anyway but receiving advice and updates via emails is a surprise and impressive!! I use a very small account because I'm trading futures in another account but if this stays profitable I will increase my stake....slowly. Thanks again for a great service!

Andrew B. (9/14/17)

This is a first for me - the first trades ever taken by a bot that were winners for me. I've tried prolly 30 different ones and they always lose right of the bat and usually never recoup. Congrats to us both! May it continue to be so.

Al (9/12/17)
Hi Don,

Yes, as your image below says [from newsletter], “You’ve gotta love that exit!”
I never thought the 15min would get the exit, and was worried (like your emails) about “Oh no, here comes another 250 pip stop.” But, credit to your tighter profit target of 100p, the trade closed with a win. And I had the discipline to leave the robot alone and not mess with it (otherwise, I would have lost the trade). I’m very happy with my Roulette robot purchase. I think you do a wonderful job for your customers.

Kevin J. (July 11, 2017)

PS. I liked it so much that I’m in the process of doubling the account capital up to 8k, since the past 2 months have been so positive. I’ll probably never get up to 90K like your other client, but I can be very happy where I am.
November, 2016: "Thank you Don for everything you have done for me including making this robot [GBP/JPY 15-Min]. This is the first proper money I have made in trading and aside from some sleepless nights the last week its been great. :-D So a personal thanks to you for all the support as well since I started testing back in June. This means a huge amount to me as far as becoming a professional trader. I didn't think this would be how it would end up but its what I see in the future of my trading."

January 15, 2017: "Holy crap! That gap down just made me a ton of money. That was the 7th trade. I broke my rules and turned the robot off since that last trade just made the rest of the cycles profit (and more I think). My account is up 160%! Time to take some money out of the account I think. THANK YOU AGAIN DON! You are a genius."

April 26, 2017: "Another cycle done! Woop!"

Sept 18, 2017: "Dude this system has made me SO much money. Cant keep thanking you enough. :)"

Gavin C. (Scotland)
Hi Don,

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful GBP/JPY 15-Min Trend-Following EA, which has allowed me to achieve a substantial growth rate. I am really happy with the results. Also, I'm sending you this email as I am interested in purchasing the GBP/JPY 30-Min Consolidation robot as well as the GBP/JPY 1-Hour Breakout robot. According to your website, I understand that a discount will be available to purchase additional robots if a prior purchase has already been made. I was wondering if you'd kindly grant me the discounts to purchase the above-mentioned robots? Thank you.

Best Regards,

Samuel T. (10/18/17)
Watch the GBP/JPY 15-Min Trading Robot in Action!
(Recorded in Sept 2016 and still kicking butt today!)

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Look... This is NOT the Martingale system or anything risky like that! The Martingale system happens to be the best way to lose your entire bankroll FAST and I learned that the hard way!

After losing $2000 with the Martingale system playing Roulette in Las Vegas 16 years ago, I was determined to TURN THE TABLE on the casino and that is what inspired me to develop this system! I never wanted to lose like that again and I wanted to win like the casino did! So I developed this system through years of testing on Roulette and FOREX trade signals with an emphasis on protecting my capital! The huge profit potential is just an awesome side effect of the mathematics.

The next time I played Roulette in Las Vegas, it was 12 years later and I had already developed most of this system. I turned $20 into $500 in one hour before my wife made me walk away with my profits. But that's nothing compared to what it can do in financial markets that consistently hand you frequent trends on a silver platter! It's like having a roulette wheel completely rigged in your favor! When I first had the system programmed into an MT4 trading robot, I was totally blown away by the results, even on the most basic trade signals.

Compare the two equity curves in the image on the right (or below if you're on a cell phone). This is from a simple trend-following signal strategy. Notice that the sharp losses in the bottom equity curve (without money management applied) are flattened out in the top equity curve when my money management system was applied to the SAME trade signals, yet periods of profit are MUCH LARGER in the top image. It's hard to believe these 2 results are from identical trades!

The relatively flat periods in the top equity curve are the effect of my "Flat-Lining" technique and I'll teach you how it's done. It's so simple, and yet the effects are absolutely amazing! If you've ever feared a losing streak, fear no more!

Scroll down and you'll see more Before/After images like this one. These screenshots are NOT photo-shopped! It's just simple mathematics and the Roulette TRADER Money Management System in action!

They don't teach you this stuff in school folks, and you won't find this anywhere else! This is a proprietary system that any professional investment firm would be thrilled to learn and it's even powerful enough to BEAT a Roulette table!

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Use Roulette TRADER Money Management to
Dominate ANY Financial Market

The FOREX Market
Options Trading
NASDAQ Trading

And Transform Many Losing
Trading Systems into WINNERS like these...

EURUSD Before -$80
USDJPY Before -$186
EURUSD -$348 Before, April 14 - June 1, 2015

And Turn Ordinary Profits into

EURUSD +207 before $17,316 after
EURUSD +714 Before

The equity curve comparisons above show how my money management system effects trade results when applied to the same trade signals. The key thing to note is how the draw-downs (periods of losses) are much smaller when my money management system is applied in the "After" images, yet periods of profit are much larger! Past performance is not indicative of future results. Please read the full risk disclosure.

Roulette Trader eBook

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